"its dark im scared"

dont worry bae i got this

*stomps foot*

*sketchers light up*

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Yeahhh, I was back today! This is now officially only a semi-hiatus. :)

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The amount of questions Bastille asks in their songs really stresses me out

are you gonna age with grace? do you like the person you’ve become? can you fill the silence? how am i gonna be an optimist? how am i gonna get myself home?

like idk dan you figure it out

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More centaurs. Smaller photoset this time because wrist pains. Ridiculous giraffe-taur, dignified drafthorse-taur, and return of the handsome llama, now with sheep ladyfriend. …He’s basically the centaur equivalent of Jessica Rabbit.

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Emma Watson - Noah UK Premiere - 31 March 2014

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skintone practice thing? Who knOWS 

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this is the most surreal thing google has ever done

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where i live xoxo

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come real love, why do i refuse you? 
‘cause if my fear’s right, i risk to lose you

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